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Can you make your clothes last longer?

May 01, 2023

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Everyone wants their clothes to last longer. Well here are some tips on how to accomplish that. Make sure that if you use pickup and delivery laundry service that you let us know so we can take the proper steps.

  1. Wash your darks inside out. This helps prevent your colors from fading because your clothes rub against each other in the wash, causing them to fade. So, the interior of your clothes may get faded but no one sees that part! So, turn your dark clothes inside out when you give them to us.
  2. Pretreat stains. Apply a stain remover to that stain as soon as you are able and make sure to note it in your laundry instructions. If you don't want to live with that stain on your favorite shirt forever, pretreat it!
  3. Don’t use too much detergent. More does not mean better. If you use too much detergent when you wash your clothes it will leave a residue on your clothes. The launderers at The Laundry List are professionals and know how much to use.
  4. Unless your clothes are caked in dirt, then a shorter cycle is for the best. Simply because you minimize the number of spins it will add to the longevity of your laundry.
  5. Use cold water as often as possible. Color water is less abrasive than hot water, which can cause shrinking and stretching. And cold water, unlike hot water, won’t fade your clothes. If you want a cold water wash, just let us know.
  6. Only towels and heavy clothes like jeans really need the regular dry cycle. So dry your clothes with low heat. Again, less heat means less shrinkage and damage to your clothing.

The Laundry List will work with you if you want us to launder your clothes with these tips in mind.

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